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  1. HI, Okay, i just bought the game and after about 5 hours playing britain ive noticed a few issues. random events like the law on whaling, internet tracking dont seem to have much game effect and the game doesnt even memorize that it occured, some events ive probably responded to 3 or 4 times.also the brain drain i found impossible to get rid of, the things which increased it was income tax, mansion tax and luxury tax, i ended up removing luxury and mansion tax completely and reduced income tax as much as it would reduce its effect on brain drain. the only way to end it i assume would be to cancel the income tax, but thats about half of my income so thats a no go. as well, at first, maybe the first 3 hours everything worked great, i really had to think about in what to invest and how to reduce homelessness and unemplyment, then i figured out that investment subsidies like technology, rural development greatly increased the gpd, which inturn reduces things like unemployment, crime, homelessness. so i just ended up maxing those out completely increasing my gdp each turn by so much that i was able to maximize my spending in basically everything which i wanted to invest, great healthcare, education, transportation, low taxes which in turn further increased my gdp.i ended up with full health, education and zero unemployment (at the report page). also the international feeling is really subtle, i basically ignored the international policies because they have hardly any effect, theres no visualization of the other nations. i generally supported the bills like banning land mine production but it was like nobody cares. ahh also, i had 99% approval, even though the religious and capitalist didnt like me at all. the oposition had like 100,000 votes, and about 1 or 2 million withheld votes. Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: Animated explainer video production agency Thanks!
  2. HI, So here i am on a cold ass saturday afternoon cleaning my office. While i am working on this i have a little CD shelf thing on my desk that is holding all my PC games in it. Only problem is that it looks like a bomb went off in it and i have crap just stacked all over the place.I would like to have some more organization of my PC games and was wonderiong what the general consensus does around here. I was thinking of sticking everything into CD books, but then most of the games has the CD key printed in the jewel/DVD case or in the manuals. So then I will need some way of keeping track of those as well. So how does my fellow gamers keep everything organized? Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: Motion graphics video animation studio Thanks!
  3. HI, have been a bit frustrated lately by some issues I'm having trying to acquire Meetinghouse Library materials.Put simply, the Church's list of what a Library should have seems woefully out of date (at least for the USA). This is the page that says what each Meetinghouse Library should have on hand:We had our Unit Conference recently and, in the training for Sunday School presidents, the Stake pushed for them to acquire the things listed on that page. The page itself says that they can be acquired through, of course.The problem is that a very large number of those items are simply not available for various reasons: 1. Some just plain don't exist in the store any more. 2. Some exist, but are no longer available in English any more. 3. Some link to OLDER versions of the material when there is actually a more recent replacement that should be mentioned instead.Running through the "DVDs" section as listed turns up at least HALF of the items falling into one of the above categories and, therefore, not being available.I'm just frustrated that that list seems so out of date with no updates. Every time we get a new Sunday School President -- or the Stake does a new "training" push -- I, as the clerk, end up with a list of things to "please buy for the library" only to run into this same problem all over again.Is that list of Materials no longer being maintained? Or is there a better or more recent list somewhere else that I'm missing where I can actually OBTAIN the items that are listed? Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: Video content production agency Thanks!
  4. HI, Is it a SOX audit point if a purchasing agent place the requisition, approves the requisition, receives the PO and enters the invoice? If so, can you point me to the SOX audit point? I believe that a purchasing agent can't also receive goods but I'd like to have some backup but can't find anything. Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: Marketing video company Thanks!
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